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  • L’Autre Canal – Popular music venue in Nancy

L’Autre Canal – Popular music venue in Nancy

L’Autre Canal –Popular music venue in Nancy – has opened its doors in March this year. Near to the marvelous ancient city center of Nancy and situated in one of the most charming corners of the city, L’Autre Canal is ideally located to receive a big and diverse audience.

L’Autre Canal is a place for all, a place of discoveries, information, research and meetings.
The platform itself consists of 2 concert venues (capacities for 300 and 1200 people), a bar in which 400 invites can be served chilled drinks and accompanying music, a multimedia resource center, 4 equipped repetition studios, a high-tech sound recording studio and offices.

L’Autre Canal is totally dedicated to popular music aimed at all the composite layers of the big and broad audience ; whether the artists are ambitious amateurs or already well-known by the media and the audience.

At L’Autre Canal, a wide spectrum of activities takes place : many concerts in as many music styles – rock, electro, hip-hop, world and ethnic music, chanson, metal, … -, cross disciplinary performances (vj-ing, dj-ing, dancing, hip-hop battles, projections, installations…), meetings, etc.

The multimedia resource center is freely accessible for everybody during concert evenings. You can consult magazines, books and yearbooks handling art and popular music. Apart from that, there are 8 Internet access points. For those who wish to practice, the rehearsal studios are at your disposal on the first floor.

See you soon at L’Autre Canal !

L’Autre Canal, 45 Boulevard d’Austrasie 54000 Nancy
info chez lautrecanal.fr - t : 00 33 3 83 38 44 88

L’Autre Canal est un Établissement Public de Coopération Culturelle géré par la Ville de Nancy, la Région Grand-Est et le Ministère de la Culture - Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles du Grand-Est. Il bénéficie du soutien de la Métropole du Grand Nancy.